Confession of a Married Woman; I Am In Love With My Married Colleague

It started with him helping me out with some of my duties at work, filling in for me when I am not feeling well


6 Food That Helps Maintain An Erection

Most men when approaching mid life begin to experience mild issues getting an erection. This is called erectile dysfunction and while some can be resolved medically others may not because they are caused by some habits or lifestyle.

How to last longer in bed, Part 1

Take it from me nothing good comes easy, though your sexuality is a free gift from God, learning how to use it is your responsibility, just like your legs; God gave them to you but your parents taught you how to use them.

Why is She Having Abortions?

So why do ladies abort? Since it takes two to tangle I don’t think it is wise to trade blames. But these ladies most times with their hearts in their mouths go through such experiences and I dare say over and over again.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

So Ladies and Gentlemen ignorance isn’t an excuse. you need to know what is going on in your health and how your husband or partner leaves. You cannot say what you don’t know cannot hurt you. Well what my cousin didn’t know killed her.