Confession of a Married Woman; I Am In Love With My Married Colleague

It started with him helping me out with some of my duties at work, filling in for me when I am not feeling well


6 Food That Helps Maintain An Erection

Most men when approaching mid life begin to experience mild issues getting an erection. This is called erectile dysfunction and while some can be resolved medically others may not because they are caused by some habits or lifestyle.

Ginger for Single Moms

At this point you need to pause and rethink what you are doing; agreed your life has changed but that doesn’t make you a hybrid or outcast, it just simply means the direction to your goals has change so your mental processes has to be reset.

What You Should Know About Your Breasts

You got your body from your mom but that is basically the raw material you need for your life, its your duty to develop it or enhance it.

I am here to help you out If you don’t like your boobs. Whether it sagged after childbirth or its not just as firm or big as you would want.