Why the Other Woman is not Your Enemy

In my teenage years, my handsome Dad who lived in another City was always hooking up with other women. It was either the fair one, the chubby one, the ugly one or the very wicked one.

And the funny thing was my mum was also good at catching and embarrassing these women in a mega way.

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I especially remembered the one she beat up and bath with grounded pepper. My Dad was so upset because the lady broke up with my Dad but this didn’t stop my Dad from his Philandering ways even after he was transferred to another city for work.


Photo Credit/b-metro

So my Mum devised another method which was praying against these women. We begged God to kill the other women, blind them, cripple them or do whatever else to them that our innocent minds could concoct.

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Now I am more matured and know better that the one we should pray for (since we can’t pray against him) is my Dad.

The issue wasn’t the women because he always went for a new one wherever he went. For example there was Betty and Felicia in Delta state, Evie and Queen in Edo state, Hauwa and Fatima in Kaduna State and on and on.

That brought me to the conclusion that in most cases the cheating man is mostly at fault.

So here is a solution, pray for him, talk to him (do this gently and with wisdom) because only God can save him from potentially breaking your heart and at worst destroying himself.

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And please leave your young children out of it; try not to mess up their idea of who their father is. Draw your strength from God on your knees, read inspiring books and avoid reporting him to the whole world because believe it your philandering husband will soon calm down and by the way move on with your life and enjoy it.




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