Who is to Blame? Your Cheating Husband or His Mistress?

So you found out your husband is having a sizzling affair with a lady who is not as hot as you and you wonder why.

You come up with all manner of ways to get back at you Bea and the other woman but you also realize that hurting your husband could affect you directly as he may be the farther of your children as well.


But as for the other woman, you don’t mind killing her as long as it’s in secret just to teach her a lesson not to mess with other people’s husbands.

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Pause; does she really deserve as much hate from you? Don’t get me wrong but what am saying is your Bea probably went after her, lured her and may have even lied to her just to get her in his bed but of course some ladies also purposely go after other people’s husbands.

And they should know better but some have also innocently dated married men without finding out he was married until it was too late.

So wify, before you go for her head consider the matter again especially if this is not the first time he is cheating.


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If you still think the other woman is solely to blame then how many women will you get even with each time he cheats? Isn’t it better to sort it with your Bea, because in the long run that woman may just be a victim like you?

And Man, woman before you cut side shows put yourself in your Bea’s shoes.


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