How to last longer in bed part 2

…whether you experience premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or you just want to hold out longer than you already do, here are some tips on how to last longer in bed

  1. Communicate: Though this is Un-African but it will help your sexual life greatly. Let your partner know what works for you and what doesn’t. An open attitude towards sex should also relax you more and lessen the nerves that cause a swift ejaculation.


  1. Foreplay: Most African men just want to penetrate, cum and move on but Sex is more than simple penetration because sex is intimacy. Foreplay can greatly increase the sexual experience in terms of both time and pleasure. It helps you know your partner, sort of bond with her and help her enjoy the experience.


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  1. Condoms: Condoms decrease sensitivity and therefore usually increase the time taken to ejaculate. They also have the added bonus of preventing sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancies.
  1. Behavioral Techniques: Try the ‘squeeze technique’ (squeeze the penis tip near climax to delay ejaculation), and the stop-start technique reduces simulation when nearing climax thus helping you last longer with your wife so you also can orgasm..couple-unhappy-black-1024x682

                                          Photo credit/ infedility

  1. Mental Distraction: During sex focus on your attention on something deeply un-erotic or unrelated such as how to start a car. This can reduce the enjoyment of the act itself but it’s often effective in delaying ejaculation.


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  1. Take it Easy: Generally, the faster the man has sex, the quicker he ejaculates. Rapid, hard thrusts result in a faster climax. A slower, more measured technique means the penis tip is less stimulated and ejaculation delayed. It also allows for greater control over ejaculation.


Practice these and help your partner enjoy the experience always. This is one of the best ways to make your wife loyal and submissive to you.

But if all these falls please visit a doctor for proper medical checkup.


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