How to last longer in bed, Part 1

In my last post, I explained why some men don’t sexually satisfy their wives because they don’t last long enough to get their mates to sexual height. since men cum before women the men gets it all while their mate are left half way.

Take it from me nothing good comes easy, though your sexuality is a free gift from God, learning how to use it is your responsibility, just like your legs; God gave them to you but your parents taught you how to use them.

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I am not saying its your parents duty to teach you how to satisfy your spouse (awkward) but at least they ought to have given you some basic sexual education but if they didn’t don’t blame them but get informed so you can teach your kids.

Most men take the lead during love making and they also most times determine when the session ends sometimes to the dissatisfaction of their partner.


Photo credit/capital fm

The man usually stops when he cums leaving his wife longing for more but our African culture and shyness prevents the woman from speaking up and even if you ask her she may even say she is satisfied.

This may very well be why the rate at which women cheat is increasing especially if she has a high sex drive.

But like all good things Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both parties and if you totally gave it to your wife the last time it will be difficult for her to refuse you the next time you want some.

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So why do some men last like 2 minutes to the dismay of their wives who just probably started getting in the flow and worst still is when the man rolls off and goes straight to sleep.

Reasons why you don’t last long in bed

  1. Premature ejaculation
  2. Erectile dysfunction


…to be continued



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