Why is She Having Abortions?

We leave in a world that is full of surprises, every day we hear of stories that leave us in awe and send us straight to wonderland.

Doctors will particularly tell you that they are bombarded with personal stories from their patients that show the world is racing towards its very end.

When I younger I always believed that a woman should have an abortion instead of bringing an unplanned child into this world but now I don’t think I hold that thought as strongly as I did.

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Everybody know abortion is dangerous, be it medical or surgical but yet ladies engage in it very often even though it costs money and leaves a guilt feeling that may not wear out.

So why do ladies abort? Since it takes two to tangle I don’t think it is wise to trade blames. But these ladies most times with their hearts in their mouths go through such experiences and I dare say over and over again.

It is not yet clear when a fetus actually becomes a leaving being or posses a soul but biologically a child starts to exhibit human tendencies from the point of fertilization.

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So anytime you do an abortion lady you could just be killing someone, literarily and that is huge if you ask me.


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I don’t claim to have all the answers as to why people do abortions but I think basically it is because they are not ready and are mostly scared of what the world will think about them, I mean this few minutes act will become open to everyone long after the act is done and many can’t handle that.

In all these I think the best thing is to ask yourself if you are ready to have a child way before you engage in the act. And its way better to abstain till you are ready for all the consequences of sex.

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Science also proves that its possible to have abortions to the extent that all the children are gone because though women are born with thousands of eggs but women are not supposed to have all the children.

Some have lost their lives from abortion while others have suffered complications from abortions.


This piece is not to castigate ladies who have aborted or the men who have paid for it but it’s for them to learn from their actions and avoid a repeat and to  let those who may have not done it to be careful so it doesn’t happen.




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