Help! Should I abort this baby?

I am Ami (from Amira) a 31 year old lady from the Northern part of Nigeria.  I am from a very religious background though my family is very enlightened and civilized.

Girls where I come from get married very early but because of my need to keep up with my family tradition of getting well educated I missed my short at getting married early.

Now am through with my basic educational pursuits and I am now faced with the reality of my need to get married or stand condemned by the society.


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In an attempt to meet this crucial need in my life I ended up in the dilemma I am in right now.

I met this guy at work and being highly educated (something that is rare where I come from) I got a good job and presently I have access to the who is who in the society.

That was where I met this guy who promised to love me and take away the reproach of singleness, he told me everything I needed to hear and I gradually let my guards down.

I allowed him make love to me and that experience which  I thought would be my best yet turned out to be my worst nightmare.

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After our love making experience he showed me more love, proposed to me and sent me home to alert my parents of his coming visit with his family to request for my hands in marriage.

I went home with this giddy feeling but somewhere in y heart I had this gut feeling that something was not right but I shrugged it off and allowed myself to enjoy the intro to my big day.

Not only did he not show up, he wouldn’t pick my calls and there was no one I could ask about him because I just realized that I knew little or nothing about him.


My desire to get married had blinded me and made me foolish and vulnerable. Yet the worst was yet to come.

As my parents probed me for answers to the embarrassment I just brought them I suddenly became unexplainably ill. They forgot about the issue at hand I tried to take care of me.

Despite the quality treatment I got I didn’t get better so I was transferred to another hospital where all kinds of test were conducted and at the end it was discovered that I was pregnant.


My parents flipped and abandoned me in the hospital, only my childless aunty stayed back.

Now my supposed fiancé is MIA without a trace and I am carrying his baby and my parents don’t want to see or hear from me…what do I do?


4 thoughts on “Help! Should I abort this baby?

  1. No. In answer to your question, no. It will not change how your parents behaved and only follow you through the rest of your life. Being a mom is both wonderful and terrifying but worth it. Doing it alone is hard but you aren’t really alone you just have to reach out and keep asking for help until you get it. It can be hard, really hard. I’m not going to lie but at the same time, when you get to hold your baby that first time nothing else seems to matter. Hugs.

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  2. Look to your aunty for support. Show true strength and love by carrying this child and bringing him/her into this world. You are already a mother…you have life growing within you…the life that you conceived through your decision to have sex. Don’t let your “mistake” dictate the taking of a human life. Find someone that will support you. Love and blessings to you and your baby:-)


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