What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

STD’s are not old people illness as some young people think and it is definitely not for illiterates.

Contrary to what some think that STD’s are not for the married but this is wrong  because if you have an unfaithful partner you may be at risk as well.

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So it is wise to educate yourself about these things so you will not be a victim as no one is responsible for your life except you.

There are different classes of these sexually transmitted diseases or infections and a rule of thumb for keeping yourself safe is to know what and how they affect our bodies.


photo by Benjamin Rusnak

let me explain this with the story of my cousin who died years ago leaving her two girls without a mother exactly as she has experienced herself when she was growing up.

Her husband being a mobile police started by taking her to a pharmacy for an unknown injection and on enquirers he told her not to bother and being like most women she let it go.

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Days later he took her to the same Pharmacy but this time she insisted on knowing what the injection was for but she was given the same answers so she refused to take the injection went home.

Months later she grew very sick and weaker by the day , she was either treating malaria, cough and all sorts.

That was when she went to the hospital and got diagnosed with full blown AIDS.

Her husband had infected her and attempted to take her for anti-retro-viral injections without telling her they had HIV, so she refused and it grew to full blown AIDS.

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To cut a long story short my hardworking cousin died years ago and her husband is still alive and probably remarried.

So Ladies and Gentlemen ignorance isn’t an excuse. you need to know what is going on in your health and how your husband or partner leaves. You cannot say what you don’t know cannot hurt you. Well what my cousin didn’t know killed her.





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