The Free Medicine that helps When the Doctor Can’t

I was told I had a serious medical issue which required that I see a gynecologist. Since the best are in the Government hospital and considering the cost implications I went while overlooking the long wait and sometimes hash dispositions of the personnel.

The long and short of the matter is i still don’t have a diagnoses as the last one was just dissolved by a British trained radiologist.

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But here I was feeling some discomfort in my tummy and some sensations on my leg and blurry vision so I got lead to just get some bitter leaves (the Nigerian name for Vernonia amygdalina) wash properly and squeeze out the juice and drink.

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though I Like sweets but I drank it religiously and for the first time in months I felt no pain. I woke up feeling even better.


Now this is a call for us to watch what we eat and go back to the Natural rural staples we are blessed with.

The bitter leaf especially is an adaptogenic tonic that helps with restoration of the stamina.

Medicine may stop the ailment but to sustain you in health and vitality you need to watch your diet.

Eat less processed food and up your hygiene level both for you and your family.


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