Should I Kill My Once Faithful Wife for Having an Affair?

I am an aggrieved man who is enraged by the activities of my wife. I have been observing that she is quite withdrawn and distant for a while now but I have asked her severally but she says everything is okay.

My wife and I have been happily married with two lovely kids for Five years. I have been happy and so I thought she would have been too but my latest finding proves that I have been the only happy one.

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I got a tip off that my wife was cheating on me but laughed it off yet I decided to check her out and I was proven wrong.


My wife of five years has been having an affair with her colleague she calls her friend for almost a year now. She has gone all the way and slept with him severally and I am enraged.

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I still love my wife but on most nights when she is asleep I feel like strangling her but I have had to restrain myself because of my feelings for her but I can’t go on like this because I know she doesn’t know I have found out her secret yet I snap and pick quarrels with her sometimes for no apparent reason.


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