Help! Sleeping With My Husband Feels Like he is Raping Me

My name  is Mrs Joan Benson, I am married with a 1 year old son but I have no feelings for my husband. I married him because of my financial challenge and he was so caring and kind to me.

When he wants me I always say no and give all manner of excuses because I can’t stand him. Eventually when I get tired of struggling with him I let him have his way and just lie there like a log of wood, feeling disgusted and sorry for myself till he is done.

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Recently, I meet someone I really like and we talk a lot, something I rarely do with my husband who is uneducated and crude.

Though I  haven’t slept with him but our level of intimacy is strong and I feel he cares about me  but I am scared of loosing my husband who has been a good father to my Son and very kind to me.

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What do I do because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with a man I hate?


3 thoughts on “Help! Sleeping With My Husband Feels Like he is Raping Me

  1. Sad story – not too uncommon unfortunately. Read some erotica maybe? I have a 10 part series on cheating on my blog that may help you in considering the options. I hope you find a solution to relieve your discomfort in your marriage. following.


  2. First i think you have to discover yourself and know what you really want..yes happiness comes first but it can also be deceiving… You might be making a mistake trying to please yourself..
    You might nor love your husband have you asked yourself the reason why. What is it you see in him you find so disgusting that !makes you hate him..communication try to talk to him it may be because you are not trying you feel he doesn’t care anymore, not all guys know what to do they prefer to be pushed, so push him open up to him..tell him you feel like you dont love him but you want to try to make it work believe me you can..think of your child’s happiness , it covers wouldn’t want your child growing up to know Two fathers or having a wrong image of who his father is…I employ you to try go for therapy, have a getaway with your husband let just the two of you discover yourself and learn to understand and also find a way to renew your love…..I hope this was helpful, follow my blog or keep in touch @


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