5 Things You Should Never Forget as a Single Mum

Being a single mum can be sometimes painful and regrettable especially when you consider the circumstances that led you to this point.

And this is made worse if you have friends, neighbors or siblings who have a man to carry out their role in their lives.


But all these will look like a mountain and swallow you up if you dwell on them because whether you became a single mum because your man died or you weren’t even married but had him out of wedlock but though it seems the odd are against you but there are things you should look forward to because there are better days ahead.

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You could have done what is most common…aborted but you choose to have the baby and face the consequences so you have done that child a favour…given him/her a chance to leave.

Now you are a widow or divorced but you have taken the tough responsibility of being mum and dad so you deserve a medal.

But while carrying out this sometimes daunting task here are a few things you shouldn’t forget or neglect

  1. Don’t forget that you are still a human being with a definite destiny


  1. Don’t forget yourself,take care and nurture you as you take care of your kid/kids this includes following up on your personal hygiene, making your hair, resting well, eating right and doing the things you love and enjoy.

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      3. Don’t neglect your relationship with God…I can’t emphasize this enough, I mean he is the only constant right now and he is got your back every time but if you allow yourself to relegate him to only when you are through  with everything else you won’t even hear him when you need help and he is reaching out to help you. So put him first and let him be your topmost friend and confidant and you won’t regret it.

 4. Go out. Don’t spend all your time at home or at work, engage in other wholesome things. Find some alone time and hey give yourself a break you need this balance even for your job as a super mum and dad

  5. Give yourself a chance to love and be loved again. While doing this be careful not to expose your kid/kids to anyone unless you are sure of this relationship this will prevent you from making the mistake of bring several men home as the one to your kids thereby confusing them. Meanwhile let this new love know from the go that you have some adorable bundles who rock your world









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