4 Reasons Men Cheat

It’s common to hear women say all men cheat and we are all starting to believe it including the men themselves.And so when they cheat they excuse themselves with the phrase ‘all men do it’

I read an article where a celeb who was divorced because he cheated on his wife said’ everyone cheats’ and so life goes on but the one at the receiving end is the wife who has to deal with the psychological effect of her man’s cheating ways.


So lady this is by no way excusing the cheating man but this is to let you know why they do it maybe it will give your some respite.

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Here are 4 reason Men cheat

  1. Insecurity 

When a man feels insecure he seeks other women other than his wife to boost his confidence. For some the more other women they have in their lives the more confident they are. To make it more interesting, if the man is wealthy or handsome and women flock around him he feels flattered at judges his self worth by the number of ladies he is cheating with.


3. He is Immature

Most cheating men are childish (no insults intended) meaning they think like children who ignore the big picture. They believe in the saying ‘what you don’t know can’t hurt’ while forgetting that nothing is hidden under the sun.

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3. He is tired of his current relationship

When a man is tired of his current relationship he uses his cheating to end the present one. Since he is immature he uses his cheating to send a subtle message to his wife or girlfriend that it is over.

4. He assumes God made him so

This is an aftermath of the notion ‘all Men cheat’ flying around and the men have found themselves buckling under the pressure thinking its in their nature and therefore natural for them to cheat.

So lady now you know why your man cheats or at least have a clue so don’t over-flog the issue or yourself because it may have absolutely nothing to do with you.


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