2 Reasons Women Cheat

In our African society it is common to find married women being faithful to their man even when the man is a habitual cheat.

It is almost unheard of to find a married woman hop from bed to bed but these days there are now exceptions. We hear news of married women who were caught with other men and it is now almost a norm as most Men suspect that their erstwhile loyal wife is now cutting side shows.


Women are emotional beings with the exception of a few for a woman to cheat she must emotionally connect with the other man meaning it rarely happens overnight…there is usually a build up to the act.

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So here are 2 major reasons your wife may decide to cut side shows

  1. She is emotionally and sexually neglected 

Woman are moved by words so if you are very busy or is the type who doesn’t know how to talk much especially when there is no major topic you may suddenly find out your once faithful wife has gone astray.

Sad African Woman Sitting On Couch

Also, if you are only for Sex when you feel like it and don’t consider her needs especially if she has a high Libido you may soon have a cheating wife.

       2.  You are bad in bed

This becomes a big problem for her if she had other men before you. Meaning she has experienced someone better so that comparison is strong and the temptation to cheat may be hard to resist if she is in contact with her ex who has given her better shows.

Watch out for how to find out your wife is cheating….




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