5 health benefits of pawpaw leaves

Pawpaw also known as Papaya is one of the fruits found in the tropics like Nigeria though it formerly originated from North America.

This fruit is packed with amazing health benefits and since this fruit is right at your finger tips here are 5 ways you can better your health.

  1. Its an anti malaria

Experts say the bitter taste from this amazing fruit is very effective in fighting against malaria.

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   2.  Reduces Menstrual Pain

This is good news for Ladies especially if taking normal painkillers proves counter productive for you. To reduce the unpleasant pain during menstruation you can use paw paw leaves, tamarind and salt boiled together for 3 minutes.

   3. Protects the Prostrate

This is good news for men as Paw paw leaves when used as tea can reduce the enlargement of the prostrate and every other disease associated with the enlargement of the prostrate.

4. Lowers blood sugar levels

Paw paw leaves stimulates insulin activities in the body thereby lowering your blood sugar levels and keeping you healthy.

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5.Anti aging

Most Ingredients used by cosmetics Companies for enhancing a healthy youthful look are in Pawpaw leaves. It contains over 50 amino Acids like glutamate acid, glycerine, Cysteine and more.




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