4 Benefits of Sex For Men

In an earlier post we established that sex is God’s idea and since its the almighty’s Sex is good because God is good.

Now men are sexual beings and some can’t do without it for a week and the cliche “all men cheat” is becoming very common hence contributing to the heartache of many women.

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But that some women deny their husbands Sex unintentionally is rampant especially in the hustle and bustle of major cities of the world.

Now while it is okay for men to “hold body” once in a while but here are a few benefits you will be adding to your hubby’s life when you allow him often.


  1. Sex Keeps Him Fit
    If your man has some weight issue and is too busy for exercises you can do that better in the “other room” (bedroom). In addition to strengthening his stomach, back and pelvic floor, a 30-minute romp torches about 200 calories. Even the best of gym workout may not help him achieve this.

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     2. Sex Decreases His risk of Prostate Cancer 

Allowing your man regularly in the other room may decrease his chances of getting                prostrate cancer as he ages.  A National Cancer Institute survey found that men who              have about 21 ejaculations a month had a 33% lower risk of prostate cancer than                      those with just four to seven ejaculations a month.

3. Sex Eliminates Pain
Regular outings in the “other room” (bedroom) a natural painkiller for your man.

4. Sex Helps Him Live Longer

According to some findings, regular sex aids youthfulness for up to 10 years because              regular healthy actually slows the aging process.

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            A study from the British Medical Journal found that men who had the highest                          frequency of orgasms had a death rate 50% lower than those who did not ejaculate                  frequently.

Now we know the awesome benefits of sex yo men but like all good things there is a right way to do things.




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