How to spot a player

So you are a fine girl and guys can’t seem to stop asking you out and you love the attention. We all do. But you can’t help but want to get serious and really get your own man.

You are not so fine but a lady no doubt and want to settle down with your own man but these guys don’t seem to want to go that way with you yet and your biological clock is ticking…40 is about to knock at your door.

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How do spot an unserious guy or a player so you can focus on hooking and settling down with the right guy?

Here are the rules

  1. His 2+2 is never 4 and he always has a perfect reason why it is so.

  2. He always has a log of ladies in his contacts who are either friends, cousins, aunties, friends cousins, cousins friends and exs who just won’t leave him alone.

  3. Openly flirts with other ladies right in your presence and he is so good at it that it he makes it look like he is just paying compliments or just being nice.

  4. He is very romantic and too good to be true, he tells you exactly what you want to hear.

  5. He changes plans too frequently at the last minute…something is always coming up.

So girl be wise, if he feels so good to be true he is probably not true…check him out and take a walk for your own sake.


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